Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

Ah! Fresh Start Monday! Try Something New!


What a glorious weekend in Toronto! The weather was just beautiful and I had the pleasure of spending my entire weekend outdoors and with people I actually really really like. Isn’t that always so lovely?  It was my best friend’s Emily’s birthday so  went to glow in the dark mini-putting and then had dinner together and then saw a movie all together – it was soo awesome to spend a whole day with your pals.

Flowers in the Summer Sun!

Sunday was also so totally amazing. I went back to my favourite space in Toronto right now- the Toronto Islands with a dear friend (Nima Shams -who is also a musician and just a lovely human being).   It was his first time to the Island and so I introduced him to our humble parks and beaches. We then walked up through downtown and enjoyed the man-made loveliness of the city lights against the summer sky.

BUT today is Monday.  And can I say – IT IS A GOREGOUS MONDAY so  I thought I’d do something fresh today – I’m fasting as it’s a full moon don’t you know.  I find it helps me center and focus every once in a while.  On that note – why not take this Monday to do something new?

Here are some links to people or places or things I think might just inspire you!

  1. Issu: a really slick online magazine publishing platform.  So many bloggers really want a slick uber produced glossy magazine face -I know you do – there’s no shame in it! 🙂
  2. Tenielle Design: a jewelry designer originally from Toronto but now moving to Paris! (with my drummer! sigh!) I have several of her pieces and LOVE them.
  3. Art Starts: Great inspiring community based art projects and one of my personal favourite organizations EVER.
  4. Trendhunter.com:  Not entirely certain how I feel about this site – interface is not my favourite as it’s a little too busy – but it’s a great site to see what’s going on in many different areas of art, music, pop culture – seems like a good resource for advertising/marketing types.
  5. Slim Twig: I would refer to Slim Twig as an avant-garde musician with punk, country, electronica,  and many many other influences- He has several shows coming up on Toronto through July and Aug – you have to experience Slim Twig – you simply must. (To be fair though – I have yet to see him play live – BUT I hope to this summer!!)

If Mondays suck (which I’m sure they do for many people ), go out (or stay in) – try something new. It doesn’t have to be HUGE.  You could start just with little things no? Like writing with crayons for a day – and then move up to something like finger painting. You might be surprised that the  little steps you take actually have a big impact on how you think or feel throughout the day.

Keep it fresh! Happy Monday!



Corrections: I wanted to bring your attention to an update I’ve made on the Natural Capital Project interview. I’ve removed about 30seconds of the interview regarding funding.  Really this came out of follow up conversations I’ve had with the project members.  There was some information provided that needed some flushing out – so I decided to remove the funding information currently but will follow up with the project to get correct and confirmed information shortly!  Everything else has remained entirely intact!

Bloggers: A NEW BLOGGER! Quil4 will be joining us this week! A little bit about Quil4 in her own words:

I majored in International Relations with a minor in English literature, as part of my BA studies, and recently graduated with an MA in International Affairs, focusing on human security and development. Residing in Vancouver, I’m currently contemplating law school and searching for gainful employment. Creative writing has always been a hobby(though my readership has been mostly limited to myself), and though somewhat technologically illiterate, I’m truly excited to learn more about the world of blogging.

Exciting blogging times ahead for Quil4 – keep an eye out!