Oh my god – what have I done.


It’s been 6 months since a last post because I’ve been doing a whooooooole lot of thinking. And some of that thinking is finally moving into action.  After much contemplation and discussion with some brilliant hearts and minds – I am going to live my creative life in full……

Over the next 18 months (Aug 1 2011 – Feb 2013),  I’ll be working with an amazing team to build a record label that integrates commerce building and community building in order to continue building my own musical career.  Growing up with punk+alt rock in the 90’s that whole DIY thing kinda got stuck inside my mind.  If an opportunity does not exist – make one.

Yes – I’m pretty much insane to be leaving a full time job to attempt to build a competitive business in what is essentially a failing industry.  But there seems to be potential….and I find the allure too tempting.  This adventure is going to be really really hard and very trying (not only for myself but my family and friends who are providing their love and support).  Who knows – at the end of the day,  I could have very little – but – in the end I suppose I will have a story to tell my own children, (in particular daughters) one day – “that’s right sweetheart, mommy tried to be a rockstar back in the day……”  I never want to say to my future unborn children (and anyone else for that matter)   you can live your dreams without at least attempting it.

Needless to say – I need help (in so many different ways…but let’s start with the practical stuff no?)……

We are building a team.   Maybe you are interested in the music, the industry or the idea of being part of a social enterprise, but if you’re interested in giving some of your time, energy and talents to this endeavour that would be soo totally rad  🙂  Even if you have NEVER tried any of these things but have a huge interest and passion – please don’t shy from contacting us! (Lord knows I’ve never tried this before….)

There is a short list of potential ways you can get involved – if there’s something else you think we need, or that you could help out with – or are interested in pursuing – totally let us know!!  We are located in Toronto – but you don’t have to be.  We are all about building a team that’s engaged and excited by music, culture + community and good times.

THE LABEL: Building a viable social enterprise,  (commercial business that is steeped in community based values) to ensure a safe and accessible studio space, as well as development and promotions support to amazing community based artists!

THE BAND: Building Sing Bandana Singh, writing new music (alt rock), gaining more exposure, doing more shows!

Support that the Band + Label will need:

  • Marketing Team: these would be people who are interested in helping to create electronic marketing campaigns (integrating Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Fanbridge) that are meanginful and not spammy!
  • Members of a Community Team: team members who talk to as many other people as they can about the music and upcoming events the feel and how others can get involved; this may also include going to amazing events all over the GTA to learn about other like-minded artists.
  • Founding Team:
    • this is a core group of maybe 4 people or so – who would create the working vision, with a strategy to execute to build the organization.   This would be a team that would also be focused on how to turnover interactions with the music and media into revenue and profits in order to create a sustainable organization.
  • A concert booking agent: maybe you’re just really interested in working in music and events – we’d LOVE to talk to you!
  • A publicist (or publicists):
  • Artists – do you play? Or know someone who does?  The band is always interested in collaborations and live events and if you want to pitch some arty music ideas – we’d love to hear them!

About B

An artist, facilitator and designer: I play guitars and sing in SBSxTO + LXRY, I am currently a graduate student at Parsons College of Design studying Strategic Design and Management.

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