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Short, sweet, (almost) swift updates:

New Music

SBS is writing, writing, writing, rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, playing, playing, playing, deleting, deleting, deleting, and then writing, writing, writing again. We’ve played 2 amazing shows in October already!

This is Hush a new song inspired by South Asian mothers who don’t want to let go of their sons.

An amazing coincidence of a day! And we’re playing a show with our friends Dead Shyre at The Central on Fri Nov 11 from 6-9pm!SBS will be doing a rare  acoustic set -likely with some experimental material.  It will still be high energy  (I don’t think SBS knows how to do a low energy set)…. but it will be a little more vocally oriented. (You’ll be able to hear the lyrics to the songs this way!).

Facebook is Purple
We’ve updated our FB Profile to include MUSIC + VIDEO care of Reverb Nation.

If you are already a fan click on the    Band Profile  link on the left hand side of the SBS FB Page.  If you aren’t a fan already – check out the beautiful new layout here!

Men are Rad
Men are Rad and need to be healthy! (Because we love you and need you to be healthy too!)
Our darling Marco is donating his face to Movember in order to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. He’s shaved off his beard and is starting from scratch to grow out the now famous Movember moustache!
Check out his page to see his mustachio growing progress + maybe donate some funds too on his Movember page!


New York I’m coming: Nov 17, 18 + 19
I’ll be in NYC to check out Tisch’s ITP program in action!
While I’m there I’m hoping to hop into an open mic or two!
Any suggestions for places to eat, things to do, spots to check out or spaces to play are all welcome!

San Francisco I’ll see you soon: Nov 20 – 27
After NYC I’ll be flying to the West Coast to see friends + family (it’s been 10 years since my last visit!)
While in San Fran I’ll be finding a cool open mic spot to play – any leads let us know!

The Velvet Underground
Stoked to be playing the legendary Velvet Underground in Toronto on Fri Dec 16th (presented by WOAH Music).
Keep an eye out for the FB Event with details!  In the meantime – here is a link to the “BitterSweet Symphony” by the band – The Velvet Underground (you know – just cuz).


that is all.