The Luxury of a Year – A Gift for You – A Greater Gift for Me.


It’s been 13 months of my 18 month adventure.

13 months since I left a job to make music and embark on other creative endeavours. It’s a little intense just how much art has been created in that time – I am so beyond pleased to have taken the time to do so – and I think what I’ve learned so far is that being creative is a non-negotiable for me – I must always have the space and capacity to create.

In the past 12 months – SBS has written + recorded a 7 song EP titled Strength – that we are sharing for free online with all you lovely people who supported us over the past year.  Every time you came to a show, or wrote to us, or even just gave us hi-fives – these were all more important than I think you’ll ever really understand.   We’ve played something kinda crazy like 20 shows and met an innumerable amount of new cool bands, artists and friends.

This record was paid for nearly entirely from what we made at live shows – thank you for your love – this record belongs to you as much as it belongs to us.   You can download the completed Strength EP at for free (it also gives you an option to share monetary love to if you feel moved 🙂  Much love to Marco Adamovic, Rustom Irani, Vikas Kohli, Desi Punks, and you friends, for all the hours of rehearsal, recording, mixing, shows, love, hugs in making this record a reality.  We have had some ridiculously fucking amazing times.

SBS will continue on in future.  Strength is only 1 part of 3 EP series.  There is still Beauty and Shimmer to produce.  And in some time they will come to be…..


As life is such  – there has been a shift.  Writing some of the new material, it didn’t really feel like a fit for SBS – almost entirely because – it’s not just me writing and creating these songs.  I wrote a previous blog about how uncomfortable I’ve been using my name recently – a good chunk of that issue is because my name is not reflective of all the other love and effort that goes into these new songs.  These new songs in particular are really a partnership between me and the tremendously talented Marco Adamovic, and reflect our want to explore and initiate social, cultural, political change through music: and this has led to the birth of Luxury (Winter Sun is my personal new fave – but Love has something about it….)

Luxury is the new 2 piece we are rocking.  We’ve already had a ton of love from the wonderful people at UTTV with the Map Room Sessions – a video interview + live performance piece.  (The interview starts around 4mins in) <— Check it out!!  Over the past few weeks, we’ve become more and more aware of  our luxury to be able to openly play whatever music we want, when we want, how we want, to say the things we want.  We thought it fitting to call what we do a luxury – even though really – every single being has a right to self express – but how many of us take advantage of this right? What do we do if it’s ever taken away or lost? Why are there always people who will be more or less heard or acknowledged?  Why is saying what you believe in considered dangerous?

So while the SBS Lion takes a wee nap after a hectic 2 years of hard work, LXRY will be slowly waking and stretching it’s legs.

12 of 18 months into this creative adventure…who knows what’s next to come?

About B

An artist, facilitator and designer: I play guitars and sing in SBSxTO + LXRY, I am currently a graduate student at Parsons College of Design studying Strategic Design and Management.

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