The First to be released from the SBS EP set,  is titled Strength.  Here are the 1st mixed tracks (live off the floor mind you). THESE ARE NOT AT ALL COMPLETED but we were simply really excited and wanted to share! There are 7 in total – we’ll sub-in + out tracks as we keep moving along!   (Best listening conditions include headphones on your head, a chai in hand+ your bass turned up ever so slightly).  Let us know if you dig ’em!

Heartbreaker (Rough Mix Mar 2012)

Lyrics: Heartbreaker by SBS Mar 2012

These Things  (30 sec clip – Rough Mix)

Take Me Away (30 sec clip – Rough Mix)



Sing Bandana Singh – our self titled EP is now available on iTunes for purchase via Facebook!  Here are 3 of the 5 tracks for your listening pleasure!

Spinning Records

Carrying Wounds

All Chords

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    • Heya Jesse,

      We are headed into studio again this weekend! We plan to have a final pretty set of songs for end of April or early May. Quick q….how would you most likely buy the EP? As a digital download from our site or from iTunes OR as a CD?

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