We are asked quite frequently to give an idea of what’s influenced our sound – here are a few examples:

Azalea Ray: Azalea Ray is Bandana’s Vocal guru. Azalea is a North Indian Classically trained vocalist with years of international touring and performance.  Azalea is the only disciple of Begum Farida Khanum.


90’s Alt/Rock: Rather self explanatory – we grew up in the nineties.


Foo Fighters


Green Day


Rage Against The Machine

No Doubt


Fat Labs Studios

Vikas Kohli, has been working with SBS to really create our signature style and sound on the recordings.  Vikas has been helping to craft our recording sound to an amazing representation of all the ideas we bring to the table.  Vikas also produces tracks for Zameer  + JSin.

Community:  We want to use our music to express sometimes difficult things that we live through. We are supported by and support a phenomenal group of people and organizations who work very hard to bring communities together and to keep them healthy:

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