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extremes are easy to manage – they have definite shapes and boxes within which, they solely can exist.

once the extremes start migrating towards each other, essentially creating compromise, the closer they get to each other, the more difficult the compromise becomes.

as compromise begins the goals of the compromise are clear – to achieve a status or place where less of the extremes exist. however as the extremes inch closer to each other that goal becomes clouded as less and less of the extremes exist, it inherently becomes difficult to separate the compromise from the extreme – they bleed into each other.

a space without extreme is not without compromise. the space where extremes begin to shade and tint each other is like the darkness on the horizon – neither benign nor malignant but yet potent with potential for any number of outcomes.

compromise, therefore, is extremely volatile – surprisingly so as the aim is to move away from extremes.  However, any extreme is sufficiently planted in a paradigm where any shift would be cataclysmic to the entity of the extreme – essentially making the extreme stable – unless disturbed.

compromise by its nature is volatile – compromise asserts that the extremes paradigm must have elements which are not essential or which can be swapped or remixed to fit a competing extreme.  compromise exists in a realm without paradigm. which is why it is so difficult a process to entertain for long periods of time – the energy required to keep compromise from becoming a process of pure entropy is exhausting – extremes are much simpler and efficient to maintain.

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