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Works in Progress!


Hi Friends,

First month down – 17 to go……September is a new year for many students – but really aren’t we all students of in the school of life?  (hahahaha)….September has always felt way more like the beginning of a New Year to me than Jan 1st- and in that regard here are some of our new school year resolutions……

New songs, New shows, New website.….NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM!!!!

Check out the “vlog” (video blog) below for details!  VIDEO DISCLAIMER:  I am almost always in “muppet mode” when on any kind of film based medium – photos, videos, etc… it’s a known fact.  You will notice many a “muppet moment” throughout the video.  Enjoy! (This is the first one – so it’s fairly ranty/rambling…but it’s full of rainbows and unicorns with a low dose of marshmallow bananas).

It’s been 1 month since we’ve have moved into project mode.  I had an amazing chat with Marco Adamovic (our fantastic drummer) – and he’s also on board to help build the label – how very very exciting!!! He’s simply an amazing dude with a great history in youth facilitation and artistic programming.  So we are soooo stoked.

We’ve finally come up with some real launch dates for our upcoming works!

  • Sept – New Band Photography!
  • Oct 1  – New Website!
  • Sept/Oct – Questions and Answers (we have tons of questions about how you interact with music and really would love to get your thoughts and ideas on distribution, shows, videos – details coming in the next post)
  • Nov – Shows in the US!
  • Mar 13 2012 – New Album Release Date! (Hazah!)

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on and it’s all being brought to you by the letter W.  Well no, it’s actually being brought to you by a set of helping hands (Christine, Tanuja, Daniel, Chris, Nik!).  Live events, websites, grants…this team is going to rock some socks this fall.

Oct 1st will be the launch of a new website as well as Marco’s  turn to do a Vlog – his Vlog will be soooooooo much more together because he’s a pro! 🙂

The Fear of Learning


One of the aspects of being an artist is being open to time where nothing structured is going on.  Artists need time and space to think (and not think),  and to explore their surroundings and to be inspired.

So I’ve taken the month of May to live on the Toronto Islands – specifically at the Artscape Gibraltor Point Artist Retreat. It’s an amazing space – it’s a 100 year old school house!  There are several long term tenants, and then spaces for short term rental.  There’s also a cat whom I’ve yet to meet.

I’ve been taking a business planning for the arts course through the CCCO (Cultural Careers Council Ontario) and yesterday we had an awesome session about marketing.  Jyotika Malhotra (Social Media Week Toronto + exshoesme.com ) and Catherine Hernandez (Sulong Theatre Collective) gave us some awesome ideas for putting ourselves ‘out there.’

So in that vain – I decided to do a vlog – you can see the space I’m working in:

It’s soooooo hard to spend good chunks of your time without visible or seemingly tangible goals everyday (going to work, cooking, running to meetings).

BUT the GLORY of unstructured time and living is you run into opportunities you wouldn’t even have been able to imagine.  My meeting this amazing doctor, and THE STORIES SHE CARRIES WITH HER would not have happened unless I was taking that ferry back to the island. (More on that story later!)

Let me know what you’ve been up to this month! And more importantly – go out and try to give yourself even just 15 minutes of nothingness time.  It’s so important.

Thanks guys! First month update


Dear SBS Team,

You guys have all been a part of the first month of the ‘year of Bandana and Sing Bandana Singh.’  Wow – What a month we’ve had! In 4 short weeks we have:

a) envisioned and begun to execute a full concept acoustic show (including fabrics, lighting and ambiance! thanks to our friends at Avatao)

b) an online ticketing system and amazing online postcards! (Hugs to Eric @ Small World and our resident SBS designer Josef)

b) have a 2nd and 3rd show in the works! (April and June!)

c) have a MySpace page up and running! as well as now a personalized MySpace design draft! (Josef, Jason – you guys are so on the ball)

d) applied to NXNE! (fingers crossed)

e) have a defined deadline for the demo completion as well as basic tracks recorded for ‘All Chords’ (thanks to Fat Labs!)

f) have a stylist and photographer to create a visual aesthetic for our photos and shows (Joce, Karl – hi-fives to you!)

g) had an awesome rehearsal tonight (Josh – I’ll forward those tracks tmr after swimming!)

You guys are working so hard and I just wanted to send out a Care Bear hug!  This week is going to be super (tiring) EXCITING!

We will see you all at the show on the 6th! (Except Jason who is working in VanCity for the Olympics! – We’ll be thinking of ya!)

Let’s have a celebratory drink together on the 6th- and conspire about the months to come! (Although everyone one of you will hear from me regarding the specifics of the projects we are working on well well well before Sat 🙂 )

I’m so looking forward to Feb! Thank you again.

Much Love!