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Fstop10 is up Next


FStop10 is the next and last newbie blogger (or “Flogger” first time blogger as FStop10 proposes) for this week.

She is a MUTLI talented artist and works in many mediums (if we’re lucky she may share some of her jewelery works with you online!). She has traveled the world and lived on 3 continents.

Take a read of her first post – and let us know your thoughts about the Baboon on the roof.

I’ve got an Inkling…


Inkling7 to be exact.

Inkling7 is our next *new* contributor! I’m so excited – she is an academic, a philosopher and an (inhibited) writer.

From the academic to the poetic to the pop of pop culture, Inkling7 is able to synthesize ideas and create beautiful story-scapes.

Keep an eye out for her 1st post on Wednesday! (Which I believe is today!)

Speaking of *new* contributors – it was awesome to have Sachin put up his first post! It’s a totally relevant topic and one that many quarter-life-crisis types are dealing with! Actually – a lot of people regardless of their age are dealing with their career choices right now. The economy is picking up but it’s still rough out there.   Great first post by Sachin!