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Ah! Fresh Start Monday! Try Something New!


What a glorious weekend in Toronto! The weather was just beautiful and I had the pleasure of spending my entire weekend outdoors and with people I actually really really like. Isn’t that always so lovely?  It was my best friend’s Emily’s birthday so  went to glow in the dark mini-putting and then had dinner together and then saw a movie all together – it was soo awesome to spend a whole day with your pals.

Flowers in the Summer Sun!

Sunday was also so totally amazing. I went back to my favourite space in Toronto right now- the Toronto Islands with a dear friend (Nima Shams -who is also a musician and just a lovely human being).   It was his first time to the Island and so I introduced him to our humble parks and beaches. We then walked up through downtown and enjoyed the man-made loveliness of the city lights against the summer sky.

BUT today is Monday.  And can I say – IT IS A GOREGOUS MONDAY so  I thought I’d do something fresh today – I’m fasting as it’s a full moon don’t you know.  I find it helps me center and focus every once in a while.  On that note – why not take this Monday to do something new?

Here are some links to people or places or things I think might just inspire you!

  1. Issu: a really slick online magazine publishing platform.  So many bloggers really want a slick uber produced glossy magazine face -I know you do – there’s no shame in it! 🙂
  2. Tenielle Design: a jewelry designer originally from Toronto but now moving to Paris! (with my drummer! sigh!) I have several of her pieces and LOVE them.
  3. Art Starts: Great inspiring community based art projects and one of my personal favourite organizations EVER.
  4. Trendhunter.com:  Not entirely certain how I feel about this site – interface is not my favourite as it’s a little too busy – but it’s a great site to see what’s going on in many different areas of art, music, pop culture – seems like a good resource for advertising/marketing types.
  5. Slim Twig: I would refer to Slim Twig as an avant-garde musician with punk, country, electronica,  and many many other influences- He has several shows coming up on Toronto through July and Aug – you have to experience Slim Twig – you simply must. (To be fair though – I have yet to see him play live – BUT I hope to this summer!!)

If Mondays suck (which I’m sure they do for many people ), go out (or stay in) – try something new. It doesn’t have to be HUGE.  You could start just with little things no? Like writing with crayons for a day – and then move up to something like finger painting. You might be surprised that the  little steps you take actually have a big impact on how you think or feel throughout the day.

Keep it fresh! Happy Monday!