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Corrections: I wanted to bring your attention to an update I’ve made on the Natural Capital Project interview. I’ve removed about 30seconds of the interview regarding funding.  Really this came out of follow up conversations I’ve had with the project members.  There was some information provided that needed some flushing out – so I decided to remove the funding information currently but will follow up with the project to get correct and confirmed information shortly!  Everything else has remained entirely intact!

Bloggers: A NEW BLOGGER! Quil4 will be joining us this week! A little bit about Quil4 in her own words:

I majored in International Relations with a minor in English literature, as part of my BA studies, and recently graduated with an MA in International Affairs, focusing on human security and development. Residing in Vancouver, I’m currently contemplating law school and searching for gainful employment. Creative writing has always been a hobby(though my readership has been mostly limited to myself), and though somewhat technologically illiterate, I’m truly excited to learn more about the world of blogging.

Exciting blogging times ahead for Quil4 – keep an eye out!

I’ve got an Inkling…


Inkling7 to be exact.

Inkling7 is our next *new* contributor! I’m so excited – she is an academic, a philosopher and an (inhibited) writer.

From the academic to the poetic to the pop of pop culture, Inkling7 is able to synthesize ideas and create beautiful story-scapes.

Keep an eye out for her 1st post on Wednesday! (Which I believe is today!)

Speaking of *new* contributors – it was awesome to have Sachin put up his first post! It’s a totally relevant topic and one that many quarter-life-crisis types are dealing with! Actually – a lot of people regardless of their age are dealing with their career choices right now. The economy is picking up but it’s still rough out there.   Great first post by Sachin!