Can I tell you about my bee?


This bee seems to have been trapped in my studio for the past few days – I kept leaving the windows and doors open – but he couldn’t quite seem to find his way out.

Finally yesterday when I came back in – he literally buzzed right into my face and then buzzed all around – he was scared.

After exerting all that energy he practically collapsed on the floor.  I tried to put him into a cup to take him outside – but he got really agitated and then buzzed all over me again.  So I let him be, hoping he would find the open window or door.

I came in this morning – and he was lying still near my yoga mat.  He had passed away.  I put him in the cup and took him outside.  He’s been placed in between the flowers.  I wish I could have helped him out of the studio earlier – but somethings just aren’t meant to be I suppose.

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